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Make a strategic MOU with Wony Network (sharing regional office) Make a strategic partnership with Universal Consulting, a strategy consulting firm founded by consultants from Mckinsey India Have business ties with Informa & Telecom, a global research and consulting firm headquartered in the UK, and Conduct co-project Make a strategic partnership with Altos Business Group, a business consulting & management advisory consulting firm located in Silicon Valley, San Jose (sharing regional office)
System on Chip and HW platform area iAd platform area based on Apple iOS 4.0
In April, 2010, ROA Consulting signs with Imagination Technologies Korea for the technology and consulting partnership. Imagination Technologies, headquartered in the UK, is specialized in GPU core IP for mobile devices worldwide. This enables us to gain technological consulting abilities of SoC and AP, key component of various media devices including smart phone.
In June, 2010, ROA Consulting concludes a business agreement with AppTalk, an online ad agency and domestic No.1 iPhone user review/community site, to carry out together ad business based on iAd platform.
We set up separated team for continuous research and cooperation.
In addition, we store up our knowledge and capabilities to build business strategies and new technological knowledge based on tablet PC including iPad, becoming big bang in the mobile ad and content distribution market.