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ROA consulting has been conducted regular consulting services for mobile carriers, device vendors and tech ventures in Korea and developed countries. The followings are our qualified consulting references focusing on device strategies, service model developments and technology road map evaluations

Project Theme Client Project Scope
Environment analysis for Mobile 2.0 and strategy proposal for the vendors Device Vendor In this project we examined how the effect of the device vendors of Web 2.0 would spread out by using a primary factor analysis method and made a strategy proposal that shows them how to reflect this effect on their device plan. We analyzed the gap between Korean and Japanese market environment and interviewed 12 experts
Strategy consulting to develop a Wireless Internet Terminal Platform MNO For our client to compete or coexist with others, separated technology issue, business strategy issue, partnership issue and compared those issues with our client’s platform and other competitors and analyzed their positions in the market. By doing so we helped our client decide directions of their platform strategy for the future
Competitiveness of the device analysis and differentiation strategy making MNO Analyzed the competitiveness of the device line-up comparing to others in a fast moving market, focused on making a strategy that strengthen the position in the market by understanding the differentiation factor for a future device. By doing so, ROA Consulting developed an assessment tool to measure the competitiveness of the device and differentiation factors. ROA Consulting analyzed the devices that came from the global major vendors with this unique measuring tool. And then, we figured out the implication for our client what they need the most in this phase to have the competitiveness for their device
Forecasting the concept of the future device and the development direction Device Vendor Indicated the concept of the future device and showed the direction it will be developed in the future. ROA Consulting defined the mobile device as a Personal Portable Media, and provided new concept which analyze the future device concept and contributed to a decision making process for a new device by providing the factors for a decision making
Analyzing the market environment to have the competitiveness for a device line-up Government Agency ROA Consulting provided the important consideration factors to manage the competitive device line-up regarding the change of the market environment. We defined the role and relationship between MNOs and device vendors, understanding the process of making new devices and considering the variables that are important for planning a device line-up
Forecasting the future device strategy to lock in the high mobility group MNO Generally, High Mobility Group means teenagers and people in their early twenties (high school kids ~ university students). This project had a purpose to forecast the future device strategy to lock in these High Mobility Group and not to lose them to other operators. ROA Consulting analyzed the strategic implication by analyzing the real value of this group pursues and the type of device they want based on the results of the research
Setting up TRM by analyzing the market environment and important technologies of the global key players MNO As the importance of renewing the technology road map had been growing up, ROA Consulting planned for the strategic long term roadmap and provided an idea for the new growth factors by benchmarking other operator that has different platforms and R&D strategy. Also ROA Consulting indicated the concentration area to strengthen the ability for our client
Global Roaming Strategy MNO As the possibility of the global roaming market has been growing up, ROA Consulting supported the long term global roaming business following our client’s future 3G network deployment plan. ROA Consulting analyzed the market environment and developed a new business item based on the roaming service, considering the hidden needs of the customers in Europe, America and China. ROA Consulting co-worked for this project with its partner company Informa & Telecoms media in Europe
Strategy consulting to develop a new business item based on USIM Korean Marketing Company As mobile communication market has transferred to WCDMA network in Korea, interests in the USIM related consumer centric service has been rising up. ROA Consulting focused on designing USIM application service which strengthens usage of USIM and creates new business model which generates new profit for our client. ROA Consulting provided specific USIM business item and derived details about the action plan as well
Providing the concept of the secondary device suitable for mobile UCC biz model MNO ROA Consulting found the factors for the device suitable for mobile UCC and SNS related service, and analyzed the environment to plan for special devices and differential factors for the secondary devices. We benchmarked global & domestic companies, and analyzed the consumer trend and strategy of the segmentation plan of the major players. Especially, we focused on defining the characters of the secondary device that facilitates mobile UCC
Strategy consulting for gaining long term competitiveness for devices MNO As Korean mobile market become more competitive, competition on the service and device line-up has become tougher. ROA Consulting focused on providing business item and key factors to gain competitiveness for the device line-up. To do so, we figured out the change of customer’s needs over the device, evolution of device itself, and other changes in the market environment. Also, we defined the original value for the competitiveness of the device and developed key index that consists this value. With this key index, we performed qualitative/quantitative analysis through the workshop with staffs in charge and provided specific action item which would generate competitiveness in the future
SoC candidates review & study in SKT Korean market and suggest SKT to set up strategic option to succeed SoC industry as a new comer SKT ROA had participated in strategic consulting regarding figure out potential candidates that fit to SKT as a anchor for the company to enter into SoC industry softly. ROA reviewed deeply almost all SoC companies in South Korea based on our unique methodology and then screened the players. In final stage in the project, we suggested 2 best candidates as the anchor supporting SKT to build concretized SoC capability
Wireless connectivity SoC (WiFi + GPS one chip) development plan and building up a business model based on the product SKT ROA conducted very specific project related to wireless connectivity SoC product (WiFi+GPS 1 Chip). We suggested future road map of wireless connectivity SoC world and recommended SKT to participate some emerging device market with the product very specifically. We also made a detailed picture on business model based on the wireless SoC product
Research on Chinese SoC industry and suggest a strategic approach to succeed in Chinese market SKT As SKT has decided to rebuild Chinese business again in 2010, ROA verified whether SoC market entrance in China was reasonable or not. We interviewed industry experts in Korea and China. Through our deliverables, it was possible for SKT to reduce risks and time